$10,000 in Prizes. Enough Said.

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Shotgun Fred

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Payments may be submitted to Friends of Fred by check:
252 FM 2628; Huntsville, Texas 77320 attn: Ben Pruitt

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  • There are 92 spaces, each measuring 40' x 40' with water and electrical hook ups.
  • Teams must provide their own extension cords, lights, hoses, hose splitters, tables, etc.
  • Teams may begin set up at noon Thursday, Feb 13th. View Full Schedule

Note: Humble, Texas is now a KCBS sanctioned event too. They are good folks and usually have about 150 plus teams cooking.
We have Free Parking available for those cooking Humble and Shotgun Fred who don’t want to pull their trailers back home between events.

Find more KCBS events in February: www.kcbs.us

For any additional information please contact Ben Pruitt HERE or at 936-661-4204.

* All KCBS rules will apply to this event.

Pay Out Schedule for 2020 Shotgun Fred BBQ Showdown

KCBS Category Overall KCBS Score
1st Place $400 T $1,000 T
(Grand Champion)
2nd Place $300 T $750 T
(Reserve Champion)
3rd Place $200 T $500 T
4th Place $150 T $300 T
5th Place $125 R $250 T
6th Place $100 R $100 R
7th Place $100 R $100 R
8th Place $100 R $100 R
9th Place $100 R $100 R
10th Place $100 R $100 R

T = Trophy | R = Ribbon

* KCBS Sanctioned
* Recognized by the Jack Daniels as a State Championship Event
* Qualifier for the American Royal

  • "Shotgun" Fred Barbeque Showdown

    Feb 13-15, 2020 - for the love of BBQ